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My name is Lee Pritchard, founder and owner of
BUSINESSLINK2LINK wants to help people who want a brighter financial future through learning and earning online, with networking, affiliate and social media promotion and domination. BUSINESSLINK2LINK have more than 40 online business opportunities and promotional links to wallets and online banks (we are always adding more opportunities when we find the right ones for you) to make a second income for you and your family from your laptop or mobile phone anywhere on the world.
There is something here for everyone's interests in the online business world. Make the first step to your new brighter financial future and together we can make life better.

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Start a new business and make money here - fast and easy! BusinessLink2Link offers a great opportunity to start a passive income stream with minimal effort. With this program, you can set up an affiliate network to promote other businesses and generate income from referral fees. You can also monetize your website or blog by placing links, banners, and other forms of advertisement on it. The potential for earning is virtually unlimited, as you can continue to add more links and increase the number of affiliates in your network. With the right strategies and tactics, BusinessLink2Link can turn into a lucrative passive income stream for you. Investment opportunities for all.


50+Years of experience Multiple Investment Projects 6 Experts at your service Lee Pritchard - England Businesslink2link Founder and Owner Jason Burden - Sweden Cashflowpro4u Founder Gregg Johnson - USA Cashflowpro4u Founder Jamie Booth - England Top Leader Wayne Pritchard - Wales Team Building Pro Leader


BUSINESSLINK2LINK Current Promotional Business Opportunity Businesslink2link is a great monthly promotional business that offers exclusive deals on hand picked passive income opportunities. We have special offers during the first week of every month, including discounts on items such as bonus income packs, and more. To take advantage of all the great deals, be sure to sign up for our email list and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Lee Pritchard - ENGLAND

Founder & Owner of Businesslink2link

Jason Burden - SWEDEN

Partner, Leader, Mentor & Founder of Cashflowpro4u

Gregg Johnson - USA

Partner, Tech Genius and Founder of Cashflowpro4u

Jamie Booth - ENGLAND

Top Leader, Mentor

Wayne Pritchard - WALES

Top Leader


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 I am very happy to see that Lee really real leader who share with us free ways of earnings and also some investment business opportunities as well which beneficial for us as well Thank you so much my bro for sharing opportunities hopefully u provide more in future as well 

Zubair, Pakistan

 Lee is amazing leader always helping his team Nothing to much trouble Very honest and down to earth 

Jamie, England

 I am grateful to Mr. Lee because with him I had the opportunity to have a business online that I will have a lot of extra income. and he's always here to help you if you have anything you don't understand about the platform he offered me. Thank you very much Mr. Lee. I hope you can help many more like me who are looking for a good opportunity online. 

Ricardo Hipol, Philippines

 Mr Pritchard exited a certain group that we share on Telegram and I was just curious so I reached out to him. After brief greetings I asked him what he did for a living and whether there could be potential for a young man like me. He affirmatively informed me that many opportunities were there and he recommended me to C12. I thought I could try the virtue of it and see if I can also gain some income. I want to be self reliant and end multigenerational poverty. Hopes are that I may also have a decent house, car and raise a good family with food on the table. I invested all the money I had on me(I had small) and fingers are crossed. Thanks to Mr Pritchard 

Tapiwa Mashaya, Zimbabwe

 Lee is definitely the guy to get on your team if you're online business needs acceleration!! Professional and the hardest working networking marketer I've ever met. Highly recommended!!👌🏼 You're the best buddy!!🔥🔥 

Elana, South Africa

 Let me take this opportunity to thank my great Facebook friend Lee R Pritchard who is a honest man with all his things being Transparency ,,,I cant stop thanking him as he helped me join a new platform by the name Skylex network and Rift alliance when now I'm getting passive income comfortably and really annoying it This man will continue getting blessings from God because he helped me despite we come from different countries and we only met on FB ,,,may God continue blessing you Lee 

Lawrence, Kenya

 Hi guys this is Mrinal from India and I wish to thank Lee my friend and philosopher from the bottom of my heart for coming out with such an amazing website. It is so very user friendly even a newbie will have no difficultly what so ever. He has put his heart and soul to make this happen . Lee is always there to help and guide you as and when required. I say this cause am the one who benefited along with many others immensely from him thru thick and thin . No matter what , he has always been there for me day and night . Honestly speaking his website is the result of many sleepless nights that he had to go thru on the flip side. Whatever l have achieved till date is because of him and will ever remain grateful, and yeah he hasn't finished yet as he keeps working on people like us to achieve their goal towards financial freedom. Thank you Lee, thank you my friend. Take care and God bless us all all 😊🙏🙏 

Mrinal, India

 Hey, It been a great ride with Mr Lee Pritchard, he has helped me get started in online business with his mentorship and guidance I have been able to make so much in affiliate programs, I enjoying working with him. I'm recommending everyone to him...It's a privilege knowing him. 

Jay, Nigeria

 Lee is a Top Class Businessman that is surrounded by great Businessmen, is always willing to help people with Low ticket as well as high Ticket projects. Lee has a beautiful, easy Website to look around and enjoy different businesses 

Donie, Ireland

 Hi Guys, I believe that people come into our lives for a reason & I feel blessed that Lee Pritchard came into mine & I see Lee as a good friend and business partner. Last October i took a fight to the Uk to meet Lee in person, we had a awesome meeting, I can definitely tell you that I met a big dreamer that has a honest heart and a big passion to help others to succeed. If your looking at Lee's website and you see a business or businesses that you like the look of, Can I recommend that you Definitely make a connection with Lee, I know that he will help you as he has helped me. 

Jason, Sweden
Robert, Ireland
Jeff, Dubai